Three New Pictures Completed!

I am delighted to announce that I have just finished three new pictures in coloured pencil which have just been published on the portfolio section of the website. If you click on those images you can bring up a full-size image which you can study in even more detail by clicking the magnifying glass. The three images are: “Why?” a composite piece I put together using an image from Highgate cemetery and a robin. I think it speaks for itself but was particular relevant as I finished it on the day of the terrorist attack in Paris. “Where Is She Going?” the wolf portrait, was completed from a photograph that I took myself at the Anglian Wolf Society last year. This particular wolf was watching as her human ‘mum’ was leaving the site. Shortly after this she tossed back her head and howled – an amazing sound. “I Can See You” the Red Deer in the snow was a commission and also an experiment into how to ‘draw’ falling snow flakes.

All three pictures were rendered using predominantly Faber Castell Polychromos pencils on Fabriano Artistic hot-pressed watercolour paper and took between 50 – 100 hours to complete.

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