The portfolio section will contain examples of my work in different media and subjects. It is organised in separate categories to make it easier to navigate and will be regularly updated as I complete new pieces and commissions.

The Botanical Art section contains botanical subjects in watercolour and coloured pencil including the fruit and vegetables that were awarded a silver medal in 2009 by the Royal Horticultural Society.

Drawings contains a collection of works in pencil and pen and ink  that will showcase the versatility and spontaneity of the drawn line both in its own right or as a preparatory study for a painted work.

Buildings features interior and exterior studies of architectural subjects from home and abroad.

Sketchbooks includes examples from my many sketchbooks that have accompanied me on my travels. They will hopefully inspire you to try this rewarding and absorbing pastime that will not only enhance your memories of places but will also improve your visual perception and drawing skills.

Finally, Bits and Pieces will provide a variety of different works including many of the demonstration pieces that I use in my classes and, where available, will also link to the downloadable lesson that will enable you to reproduce them for yourself.

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